Witchy Photoshoot Ideas with Smoke Bombs

Here are some great ways to use smoke bombs to make your witchy photoshoot even spookier. Using smoke bombs in a cauldron is the most popular way to utilize smoke in a spooky photoshoot.

witch smoke bomb cauldron

Witch Themed Photoshoot using orange smoke in a cauldron and a spell book.

Halloween Smoke Bomb Photography using yellow smoke to break up the blackness of the witch outfits is a great use of color theory.

yellow smoke bomb witch photography

Using a prop like a treasure chest filled with smoke is a beautiful image.


treasure chest smoke bomb


Use Smoking Pumpkins is a great way to make the picture come to life.

smoking pumpkin spooky halloween photography
A skull with smoke coming out of it is probably a close second place to the cauldron.... or maybe it's the winner.
halloween skull smoke bomb witch photography
A small smoke bomb inside of skull will make for a great Halloween photoshoot. You don't even need a large smoke bomb like our RP90 or Dual Vent, you can get this shot using a little ring pull mini (RP30) or 1 of the Halloween smoke balls.
witch photography smoking cauldron skull
This picture has it all. Witch hat, spell book, smoking cauldron, skull and even a skeleton hand. That is about the amount of smoke you will get using 1 smoke ball ($0.50 cents). We recommend using 2 at a time to get more smoke and to create any type of color you wish.
Witch photography and smoke bombs go together to make amazing pictures.
smoke bomb cauldron witch photography ideas
The smoke balls are a great entry level smoke because they don't require the expensive Hazmat shipping cost like our professional ring pull smoke bombs require. You can get a 60 Pack for $26 and that is with Free Shipping. You can use all the extras for smoking pumpkins.

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