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F.A.Q. Page

Shipping Questions 

    Local In-Store Pickups?

    Yes, we are now offering local pickups at our store front in Orem, UT. There are no shipping charges for order pickups. If this is an option of interest for you please proceed with your online order and you will be directed through the checkout process with instructions. 

    • Store Pickup Hours: Mon - Fri, 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
    • Store Location: Orem, UT

      Are you still shipping due to COVID-19?

      • Yes, we are still shipping out! Please be patient with third party carriers (FedEx, UPS, ect.) as we have no control over their current procedures during this hardship and packages may be delayed. For more information please review our COVID-19 Statement

      What is HAZMAT SHIPPING?

      • Smoke bombs are classified as hazardous products and we are legally required to use a hazmat courier to deliver your order. This shipping method is a flat rate for each shipment. For this reason we recommend ordering more units per order to get the best bang for your buck.

      Discounted Shipping

      Order Value
      Shipping Cost
      $0 - $49
      $50 - $99
      • No cancellations on any shipped orders. No returns or refunds on any product. All Sales Final.
      • Signature is required upon package delivery by adult 18 of age or older. 
      • Shipping addresses cannot be changed on orders once shipped from our facility due to regulations of specialty hazmat shipping.  Customers should call FedEx with their tracking number and either request a hold at the sorting facility for direct pick up – or – schedule delivery at a time that is convenient for them.  (Please note: the closest FedEx facility may be hours away as Hazmat products are often held at an official sorting center)
      • FedEx will attempt to deliver your order 3 times.  If unsuccessful, they will hold the package for 5 business days for pick up.  Should that pick up window expire, FedEx will return the package to us.  
      • Returned orders via incorrect address or unsuccessful delivery will be refunded minus total shipping costs. Keep in mind that FedEx charges us for shipping to and from and there can be added charges for Hazmat content. These charges can sometimes cost over the total of your order where in you would not receive any refund. Be sure before ordering that your address is correct and you are prepared to receive your package.
      • Due to the nature of the products, orders cannot be delivered to a FedEx retail center (i.e. Walgreens, Shipping Stores, etc)
      • We are also unable to expedite shipping in any way. The options listed at checkout are the only options. 
      • Hazmat Products are not qualified for FedEx recipients “Refusal of Package”, any packages refused by customer will immediately be disqualified by our Claims Department for any sort of refund. Please note you need to accept your order/package, properly document with photos and description and submitted via email for our Claims Department. 

        My tracking states my package was delivered, but it's not at my door.

        • Shoot! We're so sorry to hear this! First, check with your neighbors or others in your household that might've received your package by accident. If you still can't find your package, we ask that you please wait 2-3 business days to contact us. Please try to contact your shipping carrier first, as they will have more information than we can provide (we can only see what you can also see on your tracking information). If you aren't able to contact them, or if it has been 2-3 business days and you still don't see your package, please email us at and we will try to help you as best we can! We ask that you please be patient with shipping carriers during this time as online ordering increases and shipping carriers are doing their best to keep up! 

        Can you expedite shipping?

        • We cannot expedite shipping and the options for shipping at checkout are the only options.

        Can you ship to PO Boxes?

        • Unfortunately, we cannot ship smoke bombs to PO Boxes. Please see our shipping page for more information. 

        Can you ship them to me in Puerto Rico?

        • No.

        Can you ship to another country?

        • No, only to the USA.

        For more information on shipping please visit our Shipping Page!

        Order Concerns/Claims  

        Do you accept returns?

        • Unfortunately we do not accept returns so be certain before you order!

        Missing part of your order?

        • Oh no! We're very sorry to hear this! Although we do our best to ensure every order is perfect every time, we are human and mistakes can happen every so often. Don't worry though, we have you covered! Simply take a photo of the products you've received as well as their original packaging, and shoot us an email at Be sure to include the name on your order as well as your order number so we can find you faster. We'll respond within 24 hours (business days only) and get you taken care of as quickly as we can!

        What do I do if I get a "dud" or my product malfunctions? 

        • Although all of our products go through quality control testing, it is possible to receive a 'dud'. If this happens, take a photo of your product and shoot us an email at You will need to clearly show the end of the smoke bomb where the smoke comes out (the side with the ring). Be sure to include the name on your order as well as your order number and we'll help you out as best we can!
        • Please note, the way you activate the smoke bomb is very important! If you pull the ring straight out, you will pull out the activating mechanism and the smoke bomb will appear to be a 'dud'. Please read the instructions on the side of each smoke bomb that explains how to activate them properly. You must pull the ring to the side of the smoke bomb (at a 90 degree angle) in order for them to work properly. If your photo shows that the activating mechanism was pulled out (meaning the ring was pulled incorrectly), you will not be refunded for the smoke bomb. 

        How do you submit a claim?

        • As stated above for any claim you must email our customer support at Please make sure to include your order number, name the order was placed under as well as pictures. The more pictures (i.e. original shipping packaging, complete content of package, every product in question, etc.) the more photos and details included in your email the easier and quicker the claims process. Your emailed information will be filed and submitted to our claims department for review and you will be emailed back with any further questions or a solution. 
        • All claims must be submitted no later than 30 days after the product was ordered. Any orders placed 31 days prior to a claim will not be qualified for any refunds. 

        What if you refuse a FedEx Hazmat Package at your door?

        • Hazmat Products are not qualified for FedEx recipients “Refusal of Package”, any packages refused by customer will immediately be disqualified by our Claims Department for any sort of refund. Please note you need to accept your order/package, properly document with photos and description and submitted via email for our Claims Department. 

        Product Questions 

        What Are the Differences with all the different Smoke Bombs?

        • RP90 - 90 Second Smoke Bomb by Peacock Smoke. These Smoke Grenades are the most popular smoke on the market! 5 inches tall & 2 inches in diameter. 
        • RPMini - 30 to 45 Second Smoke Bomb. Mini versions of the RP90. 4 inches tall & 1 inches in diameter. Sometimes called RP30.
        • Dual Vent - Smoke comes out of both sides simultaneously! The same amount of smoke as the RP90 is released only it comes out both ends for a thicker cloud of smoke and a faster effect. The main purpose of the "burst" smokes is to release all the smoke as fast as possible, so they last approximately 30 seconds. 5 inches tall & 1.5 inches in diameter.

        How do I activate the smoke bombs?

        • They are ring pull activated smoke bombs, activated by pulling the ring at a 90 degree angle in one smooth motion (no jerky pulling motion). Please note that your smoke bomb will produce sparks for the first 1-5 seconds before colored smoke comes out. Don't be alarmed, this is normal! Place the smoke bomb on the ground and step back 6 feet, and enjoy the beautiful smoke that follows!


          Are the gender reveal products labeling discreet?

          • Yes, on listings that specify so in the product description. 
          • Smokes Indicator: If you need assistance differentiating the smokes you can check the code on the side of the smoke.
            • REV1=Pink
            • REV2=Blue
          • Cannon Indicator: The last number on the bar code indicates what color each cannon is
            • 1 = Pink
            • 2 = Blue
            • 3 = Silver (confetti only) 
            Do these stain clothing or anything else?
            • Yes they absolutely can stain. However, they only stain if it is very close to the end the smoke comes out. After setting the smoke bomb down, if you are 2-3 feet away and just standing in the smoke cloud, it should not stain your clothing or anything for that matter. They can stain the ground if left on their sides as well.

            Are these safe to breathe in?

            • It is never recommended to breathe in smoke, but these are simple consumer level smoke effects, so if you breathe in a little you should be ok. Smoke bombs put off a similar odor to fireworks. That said, we do not recommend igniting them indoors, or using them for extended periods of time. However, all of our products are non-toxic. 

            Can they be hand held?

            • We do not recommend holding any smoke bombs in your hand. Please follow the instructions on each smoke bomb.  Our ring pull products are "cool burning" so they don't get very hot at the base until about 50 seconds have passed, but we still recommend setting them on the ground after activation. Some customers do choose to hold them which we do not condone 

            Can I take smoke grenades on an airplane?

            • Unfortunately, no. If you are planning to travel with smoke bombs, we recommend that you have them shipped directly to where you plan to use them. If you must travel with them, please contact your airline service before leaving to get the latest updates on their policies. 

            Can I let someone under 18 use them?

            • We recommend that only people over the age of 18 use our products as stated on our product labels. 

            Can I use them in a dry area that has flammable items around?

            • No. Every smoke bomb will produce sparks for the first 1-2 seconds before the smoke starts coming out. Please be aware that smoke bombs are very similar to fireworks in this way, and should be treated as such. Never use smoke bombs in dry grass or near anything flammable. After using your smokes, wait 10 minutes and then submerge them into a bucket of water before disposing. 

            Can I use them at a sporting event or concert?

            • No. You must check with the land management agency wherever you plan to use your smoke bombs. 

              Can I make cool pictures with them?

              • Yes, you definitely can! Our smoke bombs product the highest quality, vibrant smoke out there! Get creative by using multiple colors at a time, and have fun! 
              • Please tag us on Instagram @PeacockSmoke for the opportunity to be tagged and featured! Don't forget to follow us for the latest updates on sales, new product lines, and giveaways! 

              Can I use them inside?

              • We don't recommend using out products inside for a couple reasons. First off, our smoke bombs products wayyyy too much smoke to be used indoors. Unless you want to set off your fire alarm, keep them outside! The second reason is because of the smell. Unfortunately, we have no control over the sulfuric smell they produce. In order for the beautiful smoke to be produced, a chemical reaction occurs within the smoke bomb that lets off a smell similar to fireworks. Unless you want your living room to smell like the 4th of July, keep these products outside! 

              Can I send back the ones I didn't use for my gender reveal?

              • Unfortunately, we don't accept returns on any of our products. You can always use your extra colors as practice before your gender reveal party, or save them for a friend or family member for next time!

                Can I stop the smoke from coming out once it is activated?

                • No, please don't try. That would result in injury. Never put your hand near the end that has smoke coming out.