Frequently Asked Questions


    Local In-Store Pickups?

    Yes, we are now offering local pickups at our store front in Springville, UT. There are no shipping charges for order pickups. If this is an option of interest for you please proceed with your online order and you will be directed through the checkout process with instructions. 

    • Store Pickup Hours: Mon - Fri, 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
    • Store Location: 1278 N 750 W Suite 200 Springville, UT 84663

    Where do you ship to?

    Due to the nature of the products, we can only ship to the United States. We cannot ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico.

      What is HAZMAT SHIPPING?

      • We are legally required to use a hazmat courier to deliver your Peacock Smokes (RP90s, RP30s, Dual Vent, Prank Smokes.) This shipping method is a flat rate for each shipment regardless of how many smoke bombs are in there. For this reason we recommend ordering more units per order to get the best bang for your buck.

      Discounted Shipping

      Order Value
      Shipping Cost
      $0 - $74.99
      $75 - $99.99
      $100 - $149.99 $15


      • No cancellations on any shipped orders. No returns or refunds on any product. All Sales Final.
      • Signature is required upon package delivery by adult 18 of age or older. If you aren't home to to sign for the package, they will try 2 more times. Please contact Fedex if you intend to pick up at the facility. If you do not pick up your package they will return the package to us.  
      • Returned orders via incorrect address or unsuccessful delivery will be refunded minus total shipping costs. FedEx will charge us shipping to and from and there can be added charges for Hazmat content. These charges can sometimes cost more than your actual order, in that case, there would be no refund.
      • Hazmat Products are not qualified for FedEx recipients “Refusal of Package”, any packages refused by customer will immediately be disqualified by our Claims Department for any sort of refund. 
      • Shipping addresses cannot be changed on orders once shipped from our facility due to regulations of specialty hazmat shipping.  

      Can you expedite shipping?

      Unfortunately, we cannot rush hazmat packages they must be delivered via ground. Non hazmat products will have multiple options at checkout.

      Can you ship to PO Boxes?

      We cannot ship Peacock Smoke to PO Boxes. Please see our shipping page for more information. 

      For more information on shipping please visit our Shipping Page!

      Order Concerns/Claims  

      What if I need to make changes to my order?

      If you need to modify your order, please contact us within an hour of placing it. We'll do our best to help with your order, but if it has been shipped out already, it can not be modified. You can email

      Do you accept returns/refund policy?

      If there is an issue with the order or any product contained within, customers should email with your order number to discuss. 

      As we stand behind our products, should one be found faulty or defective, we will refund the customer the unit price for the product(s). The refund will be processed to the same card that the transaction was made on within 14 days. After 90 days we no longer process any type of refunds. We do request proof of the faulty unit be provided – pictures, video, etc. It is very obvious when the smoke was pulled incorrectly, so make sure to read the instructions on how to ignite them! 

      We do not accept returns on unused hazmat Peacock Smokes. Simply because shipping products via hazmat is nearly impossible for the average citizen, as smoke bombs are one of the most highly regulated and expensive products to ship. Often times you need a special permit to even ship through Hazmat.

      Peacock Smokes last for 3-5 years if stored in a cool/dry place, so keep them handy for the next celebration or 4th of July. We also recommend posting these on Offer Up or Facebook Marketplace, our customers have said they get sold pretty quickly!

      Orders will only be refunded in full if cancelled prior to shipping and/or FedEx/UPS has been found at fault for the customers order issue. Once the order has been shipped, we cannot cancel nor fully refund your order (unless you have defective devices). 

      Product Questions

      What Are the Differences with all the different Smoke Bombs?

      • RP90 - 90 Second Smoke Bomb by Peacock Smoke. These Smoke Grenades are the most popular smoke on the market! 5 inches tall & 2 inches in diameter. 
      • RPMini - 30 to 45 Second Smoke Bomb. Mini versions of the RP90. 4 inches tall & 1 inches in diameter. Sometimes called RP30.
      • Dual Vent - Smoke comes out of both sides simultaneously! The same amount of smoke as the RP90 is released only it comes out both ends for a thicker cloud of smoke and a faster effect. The main purpose of the "burst" smoke is to release all the smoke as fast as possible, so they last approximately 30 seconds. 5 inches tall & 1.5 inches in diameter.

      Are the gender reveal products labeling discreet?

      • Yes, please check listing of each product, it will state if it is discreet.
      • Smokes Indicator: If you need assistance differentiating the smokes you can check the code on the side of the smoke.
        • White Code ending in 7=Pink
        • White Code ending in 2=Blue
      • Cannon Indicator: The last number on the bar code indicates what color each cannon is
        • 1 = Pink
        • 2 = Blue
        • 3 = Silver (confetti only) 

        Does Peacock Smoke stain clothing or anything else?

        Yes they absolutely can stain. However, they only stain if it is very close to the end the smoke comes out. After setting the smoke bomb down, if you are 2-3 feet away and just standing in the smoke cloud, it should not stain your clothing or anything for that matter. They can stain the ground if left on their sides as well.

          Is Peacock Smoke safe to breathe in?

          It is never recommended to breathe in smoke, but these are simple consumer level smoke effects, so if you breathe in a little you should be ok. Smoke bombs put off a similar odor to fireworks. All of our products are non-toxic. 

            Can Peacock Smoke be hand held?

            We always recommend wearing safety gloves/equipment, however, some people choose not to and we do not recommend this. Safety Is always first! The casing itself does get warm; but not scorching hot. Nonetheless, use your best judgement and know that we always recommend safety gloves.

              Can I take Peacock Smokes on an airplane?

              Sorry that's a hard no. If you are planning to travel with smoke bombs, we recommend that you have them shipped directly to where you plan to use them.

                Can I let someone under 18 use Peacock Smoke?

                We recommend that only people over the age of 18 use our products as stated on our product labels.