Halloween Smoke Bombs for Smoking Pumpkins

Looking for pumpkin carving ideas to make your jack O'lantern pop this Halloween? Add some of our Halloween smoke bombs for incredible pictures.

We have our very affordable 12 pack of Halloween Smoke Balls (these ship for only $10.50, unlike our professional grade ring pull smoke bombs that last 90 seconds which have a $30 hazmat shipping cost). We even have 60 packs with free shipping. Trust me, you and your kids will want the 60 pack. They are a LOT of fun!

halloween smoke bombs

We always suggest buying more to save on shipping. We have free shipping on orders over $99 and honestly that is the best way to go. Get some friends and buy in bulk.

The pictures you take will be able to be hung in your house as Halloween decor for years to come. This is a great family tradition to start.

smoking pumpkin halloween

Checkout our witch photoshoot ideas using smoking cauldrons and skulls.

halloween smoke bombs

This trend has become a very popular family tradition enjoyed by thousands of families across the united states of America.

So you carved pumpkins as a family, now what?

If you want to see the most fun your kids have ever had carving pumpkins, just put some smoke bombs inside of them and take pics. The kids will remember this forever and beg to do it every year. We have smoke balls that are cheap and perfect for this so you can have multiple colors of smoke flow out of the freshly carved pumpkin.


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