Where to Buy Colored Smoke Bombs for Photography


Colored Smoke Bombs

Peacock Smoke is the best place in the USA to buy colored smoke bombs for photography. We have been the #1 smoke bomb brand in the United Stats for 5 years in a row! We broke up the monopoly that Enola Gaye had on the industry and we are passing those savings on to you!


Smoke Bombs for Photography Fast Shipping

We ship the fastest that is allowed! Most smoke bombs are Hazmat so they aren't allowed to ship via air. But we get ours out within 24 hours of purchase. We ship them out same day if you order before 12pm.

What kind of smoke bombs do photographers use?

The professional ring pull smoke bombs by Peacock Smoke are the most trusted smoke effects by professional photographers. If you have seen pictures on instagram or tiktok of colored smoke grenades, the odds are they are the Peacock Smoke brand.

smoke bombs for photography fast shipping

Do Smoke Bombs Leave a Mess?

No they don't leave a mess. If the smoke is directly in contact with something it will stain it. But if the smoke bomb is up right then no stain will occur. Peacock Smoke is non toxic and the longest lasting smoke on the market. They are 100% legal. Fireworks are illegal to use outside of July 4th but these aren't fireworks, they are signal smoke and legal all year.

Use smoke bombs for creative shoots all year. The Halloween themed gender reveal is great. Put a smoke bomb in a pumpkin to show pink or blue smoke.

Gender Reveal Supplies for a Surprise Celebration

We are the #1 gender reveal smoke bombs retailer in the world! Find out why.

We also started the gender reveal cannon trend and we have the largest cannon in the world at 24" filled with powder and confetti, while all of the others only offer 12" cannons.


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