What are the Best Smoke Bombs for Photography?

What kind of smoke bombs do photographers use?

Peacock smoke bombs have become the go to choice for photographers in America. Popular not only with professional photographers but also emerging talents, amateur artists, and street photographers.

Are smoke bombs for photography illegal?

Yes they are legal, but you need to use them safely. The peacock smoke ring pull smoke are safe and legal to use in all 50 states but always be safe and carry water with you to put the used smoke bombs in after use.

best smoke bombs for photography

Are smoke bombs for photography illegal?

Yes Peacock smoke bombs are legal to buy and to use as long as you are 18 years of age.

How much are photography smoke bombs?

Peacock Smoke Effects (smoke bombs) range in price from $4 for a mini smoke that lasts 30 seconds to $9.99 for the RP90 Smoke Grenade that lasts 90 seconds.

best smoke bombs for photography

Do photography smoke bombs stain clothes?

Yes they can stain anything if they are in direct contact with it. If one tips over on the ground, it will color the cement or grass. If the smoke touches things from 2 feet or more away, it typically is not strong enough at that point to stain.

best smoke bombs for photography stain clothes wedding dress

Are colored smoke bombs safe?

Yes our line of Peacock Smoke Effects are safe to use. With our ring pull technology, you don't even need a lighter. Just pull the ring and the smoke bomb ignites. There are sparks upon ignition so be mindful. They do get hot after 30 seconds.

Do smoke bombs make noise?

No, smoke bombs don't make noise.

How do photographers make smoke?

They use peacock smoke bombs in the background for smoke effect.

Can I order smoke bombs online?

Yes you can order at PeacockSmoke.com and SmokeEffect.com but not many others sites because they require Hazmat shipping. For this reason they are banned on platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, etc.

best smoke bombs for photography

 Colored smoke bombs or in spanish bombas de humo de colores.

bombas de humo de colores

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