Wedding Smoke Bomb Photography

Weddings are always such magical events and the pictures last a lifetime. Adding colorful smoke bombs will make your wedding photographer look like even more of a pro than they already are. Wedding smoke bomb photography has really taken off in the last couple of years.

wedding smoke bombs

Will Smoke Bombs Burn my Wedding Dress?

Smoke bombs do have some sparks when you pull the ring to ignite them. That is why we suggest having someone else pull the ring. Don't point them directly at anyone because smoke can stain if it's within 3 feet of something.

wedding smoke grenades

Which smoke bombs are best for weddings?

We recommend the RP90 ring pull because they give you 90 seconds of smoke. The dual vent smoke bombs create the best pictures but they only last for 25 seconds.

smoke bombs for weddings
wedding day smoke bombs
wedding photography with smoke bombs

We are the #1 trusted name when it comes to professional grade smoke bombs. There is a reason we have been America's best selling smoke bomb since 2017!

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