Peacock Smoke Buyer's Guide

Here at Peacock Smoke we have quite a few smokes and gender reveal products to chose from. So, which one is right for you? Check out this page for detailed information about each of our products, the differences between them, and their best uses. 

Wire Ring Pulls 

What is it?

The term "Wire Ring Pull" simply means that the smoke is activated by pulling on a wire ring. All of our new smokes actually use string instead of wire and are more reliable than older models out there. These smokes do not require a lighter or matches to ignite. 

How do you use it?

To ignite the smoke, pull on the ring perpendicular to the smoke. Pull smoothly, don't jerk the ring. Once it's ignited, place the smoke on the ground and step away until you're at least 2-3 feet from it. Our smokes are "cool burning", but they can still get hot after ~45 seconds. If you place your hands or another body part too close to the smoke, you could stain your body or clothes and you could potentially burn yourself. Please read all of the instructions before igniting any of our smokes. For more questions about our smokes, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. 

Ring Pull (RP) 90 Second Smokes 

Our RP 90 smokes come in 12 different colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, teal, white, black, brown, and gender reveal (see more information about gender reveal products below)! These smokes are great for photography, gender reveals, and special effects. We sell these in single quantities, or as 3, 5, or 10 packs. Ring Pull 90's are the longest duration of colored smoke bombs we have available. 

 Dual Vent (DV) 30-50 Second Smokes

Our dual vent smokes last for approximately 30-50 seconds. They are great if you need to create a large cloud of smoke very quickly. As the name implies, they emit smoke out of both ends at once. The color options for dual vents are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, teal, white, black, gender reveal (more information below) and red/yellow. 

 RP Mini Smokes 

RP minis are just a smaller version of the RP 90's. RP minis last for approximately 30-50 seconds, similarly to the dual vents. Unlike the dual vents, RP minis will produce a smaller smoke cloud. These are great for testing colors or for special effects. You can put one of these in a pumpkin around Halloween, or in a vase/jar to create fun effects year-round. We have 5 colors available for our RP 30 smokes: Green, White, Pink, Blue and Purple. You'll notice that the red and pink RP mini's come with discreet labeling. They can be used for gender reveals (see below), or you can use them as normal smokes. To distinguish their color, there is a code on the side: REV 1 = Pink and REV 2= Blue. We have a multi-pack option for gender reveal wicks that come with 2 pink, 2 blue, and 1 white so you can practice!  

Gender Reveal Smokes 

Smoke bombs are a great way to make your gender reveal photos extra special! All of our gender reveal smokes come with 'discreet' labels. What exactly does that mean? Well, the labels of these smokes have both blue and pink lettering on them. There is no indication of which color they are anywhere on the packaging. If you order gender reveal smokes that are different colors, there is a code on the side that indicates which is which. REV 1 = Pink, REV 2 = Blue

We have gender reveal smokes in 5 versions: RP 90's, dual vents, RP mini's, Wicks, and Pranks. We've already explained what RP 90's, dual vents, and RP mini's are above. Below are explanations of wicks and pranks:


Wicks are different from ring pulls because they require a lighter or matches to ignite. Once the wick is lit, place it on the ground and step back a few feet. Wicks last for approximately 60-90 seconds. They are slightly smaller than ring pulls, but longer than the RP minis. Some people prefer wicks because they require a lighter to ignite, and can be considered more reliable than ring pulls. However, if using these for certain effects (such a wedding photography) you won't always have a lighter handy, so ring pulls would be the desired type of smoke bomb instead. 


Pranks are similar to wicks in that they also need a lighter or matches to ignite. Like the name eludes to, pranks are used to 'prank' people at your gender reveal! They start with smoke of one color, and then halfway through they change to the other color! Since they are also wicks, they are the same size and smoke for 60-90 seconds as well. These are perfect for jokers that like to have a little extra fun! To distinguish which colors are which, there is a similar color code on the side of our pranks:

1 to 2  = smoke will start pink and then turn to blue
2 to 1 = smoke will start blue and then turn to pink

 Gender Reveal Cannons 

Gender Reveal Cannons are a great way to add more flare to your gender reveal party. We have three options for cannons: powder cannons, confetti cannons, and party cannons (a mix of both). All of our cannons also come with discreet labels to keep the surprise until the end! Each type of cannon is available in single, double, or four packs. You can chose which combination of colors you'd like in out multi-packs. 

Powder Cannons

Powder cannons are popular because they don't require any clean-up after. These are made of biodegradable powder, so any residue will easily wash away with the next rain. When you open them, a large cloud of powder will immediately shoot out. Make sure you have your camera ready because the cloud lasts approximately 2-8 seconds! 

 Confetti Cannons 

Confetti cannons are great for making amazing photography effects! You can shoot them straight into the air to capture confetti falling all around you. Or, you can shoot them up and towards the camera to get effects like the one in the photo below. All of our confetti is now biodegradable too! 

Party Cannons 

Want the best of both worlds? Our party cannons are will be perfect for you! We have two types: 12" party cannons and 24" party cannons. They are both the same as far as content, labels, and how you operate them. The only difference is that the 24" cannons are twice the length and emit more confetti and powder! Party cannons create cool effects because you get both the immediate powder cloud, as well as a longer lasting effect with confetti. You can have fun with photo editing with party cannons too! Highlight the powder colors to get images like the one below. 

Stay tuned for more product updates! Here are Peacock Smoke we're always looking for ways to improve and expand our product line. Make sure you follow us at @PeacockSmoke for the latest news. Follow and tag us #PeacockSmoke for your chance to win giveaways or be featured! 

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