Halloween Smoke Bomb Photography Ideas

Crunchy leaves and pumpkin spice everything is upon us! Here's some simple ideas for your Halloween photoshoots that will add a big effect! 


A smoking jack-o-lantern makes for a fantastic Halloween shot. Not only is carving the pumpkin a blast, but add a some of our Halloween smoke balls and you have the perfect spooky pic! 

The wonderful thing about smoke balls is the low price point and versatility. You can combine any of the colors with yellow to make the smoke appear brighter. We recommending using two smoke balls for an effect like the one below! 

Don't be scared to mix up our great products and use a black RP mini in the background for a cool fog effect! 

smoke bomb pumpkin



Transform your witchy shoot by adding a smoking cauldron! We love yellow or green smoke bombs for these shots but any color works great! 





Keep it spooky and simple by using our smoke bombs to create an ethereal and smoky backdrop for your photos! Any color works great! Check out our blue for the effect below! 

Here's a quick breakdown of our different products and how to use them! 

RP90 - Our 90 Second smoke bombs  come in 10 different colors and release smoke for about 90 seconds. These are so versatile and with the longer smoke time you can get more pictures in! 

Dual Vent - Our Dual Vents last around 30 seconds and release smoke from both ends of the bombs. The effect is a nice, big, richly pigmented smoke cloud. If you want some extra drama for your photos this is the way to go. Just before you're set up to take those shots quick since the smoke only lasts 30 seconds!

RPMini - Our Ring Pull Mini Smoke Bombs are cute, compact, and perfect for backdrops or settings where you would want a smaller smoke cloud. These last around 30 seconds as well, so be ready to snap those pics! 

Smoke Balls - Our Smoke Balls are perfect for the smoking pumpkins! We have a Halloween pack available on our website right now that comes with six different colors! Light the wick and you get 15-20 seconds of vibrant, thick smoke. These are perfect to play around with, mix up the colors and see what you get! Their low price point makes them the perfect choice if you're just starting out with smoke photography. 

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P.S - Don't forget to start taking photos early so you can post them all October long! 


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