9 Great Event Ideas for Smoke Bomb Photography

Using smoke bombs for photo shoots is a growing trend that is quickly adding creativity and color to the photography industry. Smoke bomb photography doesn't have to be limited to weddings and engagements though! Check out the following ideas for getting your start in the smoke bomb industry! 

Creative Smoke Bomb Photography

1. Graduation Pictures

This year more than ever we're seeing the most creative and epic graduation photos with smoke bombs! With 11 colors to chose from, we are sure to have a smoke bomb that's perfect for your school colors! Some of the coolest graduation pictures we've seen have been with our dual vent smokes. Dual vents are great because they emit smoke out of both ends, creating a huge cloud of smoke very quickly! 

Smoke Bomb Graduation Photos

2. Gender Reveals 

This one should be no surprise, you've seen gender reveal photos everywhere! Just open up Pinterest or Instagram and you're sure to see some amazing gender reveal ideas! Our gender reveal smokes come with discreet labels so they don't give anything away until they're activated! You can chose mini smoke bombs, ring pull 90 smoke bombs, or dual vents to make your photos perfect! 

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas

3. Smoking Pumpkins 

Come on, what Halloween fan doesn't want to post a picture of themselves with a spooky smoking pumpkin? You can stick to the classics by using purple, black, orange, or green smoke. Or, you can mix it up and throw in a unique color like teal, pink, white, or even blue! Our ring pull minis are only $6 each and come with ring pull activation in case you forget the lighter! 


Halloween DIY Smoking Pumpkin

4. Weddings 

Well, we had to list them. Why? Because recently weddings have become one of the most popular events for smoke bomb photography. What bride doesn't want to make her event extra special? Adding smoke bombs to the mix is a perfect way to make weddings unique without breaking the bank. Photos can be taken at the alter, during send-offs, or during photo shoots after the ceremony. View one of our favorite wedding photos below! This photo was taken with one of our Ring Pull Variety Packs

Smoke Bomb Wedding Photos

5. Engagements 

What makes an engagement photo more memorable than a colored smoke back drop?? Spice up your photo shoots by using multiple colors at once to create layered effects. Our ring pull 90's don't require a lighter to activate, and are small enough that they can easily be concealed so you don't give anything away before the big moment! Looking for an even smaller smoke bomb? Check out our ring pull minis

Cutest Engagement Photos Smoke Bomb Engagement Adorable Engagement Photos with Smoke Bombs

6. Halloween Photo Shoots 

Halloween photo shoots aren't limited to smoking pumpkins! You can create all sorts of fog effects by using white smoke bombs! You can even make a cauldron appear to be smoldering. Take advantage of the fall colors to really enhance your photos! Pro tip: don't wait for Halloween to take your photos! Take them as early as you need to to make sure you're taking full advantage of the fall colors in your photos! (Hint: Nobody needs to know when the photos were taken ;))

Smoking Cauldron Halloween Cute Photo Shoot

7. Christmas Photo Shoots 

Smoke bombs don't always have to be spooky! Use brighter colors like white, red, and green to create amazing photos around the holidays! One of our favorite shoots yet involved elves and dual vent smokes and the photos turned out great! Check the photos out below:

Christmas Smoke Bomb Photography

8. 4th of July Photo Shoots

Independence day is a great excuse to get creative with smoke bombs! We shoot of fireworks, why not make colorful smoke bomb photos too? Purchase smoke multi-packs of red, white, and blue to save money! 

4th of July Smoke Bomb Photography

9. Social Media Photography 

Let's be honest, we've all taken a picture for 'the gram'. Professional photographers, social media influencers, and videographers do it too! Don't be shy, find a cool spot (on a still, not windy day), pick your favorite colors, and start snapping! To get the best results, check out our blog 7 Tips for Using Smoke Bombs for Photography and get started! Hint: you can get multiple photos for different posts by having different colors handy, and switching out an outfit or two during the same shoot! 

Awesome Smoke Bomb Photo Shoot

Do you have more awesome ideas for smoke bomb photography? We would love to hear them! Shoot us an email at peacocksmoke@gmail.com. Want to get your amazing smoke bomb photos featured? Tag us @peacocksmoke and use our hashtag #peacocksmoke for your chance to be featured, get the latest updates on products and sales, and win FREE smokes! 

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