Smoke Bombs and Color Theory!


Complimentary colors:

Try complimentary colors for a bold look! Complimentary colors are colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel. Orange and blue is a great example of complimentary color mixing. Our orange smoke bomb and blue dual vent would be the perfect combination to achieve the color combo below:

Red and green are also opposite each other on the color wheel. You don't need to do a holiday shoot to make these colors work. 


Analogous Colors:

Analogous color refers to three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. In the photo below that would be green, yellow, and orange. Interested in outdoor nature photography? Utilize the green backdrop in nature to achieve easy color harmony! Try out our Yellow-Red dual vent combo to have both colors


Color Context:

Color context simply refers to how certain colors act or behave in relation to other colors. For example the photo below uses a brilliant pink color against white snow and green trees. It makes the pink look vibrant and bold. Green smoke would have made a great choice, but might not have produced such a visually appealing photo! 



 **This is so great! I love it! My only suggestion is to add links in the second and third photo to specific smoke bombs. **

**if you wanted to make it longer, you could just add more photos for examples and links to the colors of smoke bombs used in them. When linking, a trick you can do: If you want to link a RP90 smoke bomb, link it to the main listing that has all the colors on it. Just be sure to click on the color you want to link first (for example click on the blue photo of RP90's, before copying and pasting the link over so that when customer's click on it, they see the blue photo first. They still then have the option to select any color they want- and you don't have to worry about them getting linked to a listing that's been taken down. The main listings that list all our color options are always the listings they add inventory to first, so they are the most reliable in case we run out of stock of something. I hope that makes sense! 

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