7 Events Perfect for Smoke Bomb Photography

Smoke bomb grenade photography
Use of smoke bombs in photography isn't limited to Gender Reveals or wedding pictures. Whether you're a photographer or you want to be photographed using smoke bombs, there are plenty of events that are the perfect excuse to capture great photos with smoke bombs. From high school graduation pictures to a spur of the moment photo shoot for Instagram, there's never a wrong time to capture some cool shots with smoke grenades!

1. Gender Reveal Party

Let's start with the obvious- the infamous gender reveal party. You've seen it on Instagram. You've seen it on Facebook. This is a popular trend that isn't going anywhere. Using smoke bombs for a gender reveal is a great way to build excitement in your guests and get some great shots of the moment you find out the gender of your baby. There's no better way to celebrate this big moment! Grab some of our Gender Reveal Smoke Effect SticksGender Reveal Powder CannonsGender Reveal Pullstrings, or Gender Reveal Wire Pull Rings to celebrate the big day.

Gender reveal party with powder cannons

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